As a teenager in the Achterhoek area (Netherlands) I heard from my father short fragments of the story of Mr Frank Dell. I hardly knew my father's role during this period of WW-2. And I was wondering if details could be found on the Internet ... That search eventually resulted in a very special contact. With frequent calls.

October 2015, I got in touch with Mr Frank Dell by a severe search, via his relatives. What a lucky moment at finding him ! Contact by E-mail, and lateron every two weeks a fine phone call. Frank Dell had his residence in Sydney, Australia. Since then we shared the values of life. We shared the freedom of our lives, the freedom of our expressions. And in every conversation I thanked him for his contribution to this freedom.

last one ...

last one ...

last picture of our beloved Mr Frank Dell ... 2022 04 26 ... surrounded by some of his very strong and friendly relatives ...

r i p

Frequent calls ... but ...

Our beloved Frank passed the rainbow 2022, May 29th ... we lost a very meaningful friend ... thank you for inspiring us ! ... RIP Frank !

for GG

by Henry ( great grandson )

the story

This page reflects some memories on Frank Dell's story as told by a.o. GJ sr and Mr Frank Dell himself. A Dutch version is intended to be created Autumn 2022.


below an impression of the plane by which Mr Dell worked at our freedom

Saved pilots back in The Netherlands ...

Saved pilots returned to The Netherlands after 60 years.

A message by Tubantia.

how did it come ?

My father GJ sr spent some time at a farm at Lintelo 224 / Aalten. Together with Mr JB he found and took care of an English pilot who on his journey on foot - from Germany - then in the same farm ended up in a spot in a haystack above the stable of a not-friendly horse, in an adjacent barn. As soon as the situation allowed it, Mr Frank Dell was brought to a profound shelter at the farm 'Somsenhuis' by a.o. my granddad PD sr.

And then - from this newspaper - I looked through the archive of my family D. and I found a copy of the Aaltense Courant dated October 8, 1946, a printed copy of my grandfather's PD sr newspaper ( Dijkstraat 33 ) who had a subscription to that newspaper.

breukelaar farm

Johan (sr) and Jan (jr) Breukelaar

fought on

Article by Express Company UK / 2012


A copy of the message to the parents of Frank Dell's missing

Report of missing to parents ...

are we friends ?

Are we friends ? Yes, we are !

" are we friends ? yes, we are "

( a great record to the 'moment supreme' ... the one and only 'live image' of GJ sr known to PD. )


Frank's logbook ... click ...

by the ultimate permission granted by the Dell-family to this website only ...

Nabucco ...

The music to which Frank referred by his book and in our talks ... Nabucco ... Only after the passing the rainbow of my dad and the talks to Mr Dell I fully understood why my father often asked me to sing this song to him ...

the story by Frank

an interview by Mr Fidler / ABC-news / Australia

an interview by Mr Fidler / ABC

mosquito down

Mosquito Down !

A fine book in which Frank Dell shares his unique story with honesty and candor, finding humor and camaraderie

hidden at Somsen

Frank Dell at warmemorial Varsseveld / 2014

Frank Dell was one of seven English and American pilots hidden at the Somsen house during WWII. Here's a picture and link from/to the warmemorial in Varsseveld / 2014.


Greenpark Memorial / Frank Dell

At the opening of the Greenpark Memorial ( 2012 06 28 ) Mr Frank Dell stated "to this day I carry the responsibilty for the loss of my navigator and friend Ron Naiff" .


dairy of Mr Frank Dell ...

some excerpts ... click ...


As the creator of this page I received a written permission by Mr Dell's son Rob to create and perform this webpage. PD

british airways

Frank at 96 years young back at BA ...

96-year old WWII Veteran gets back in the cockpit with BA Magic / 2019 ...

vizier / 1959

text in pdf below ...


the BARK

There are a lot of confusing thoughts / messages of Frank Dell's involvement in situations in / around the shelter for 'people in hiding from the enemy'. The shelter was named 'the Bark'.

In the end the leader of these guys pleaded Frank Dell to be NOT GUILTY on whatever bad events. Rehabilitation ... In Dutch > Eerherstel ... Rehabilitation ...

Rehabilitation ...

RAF pilot in NL

Sydney Morning Herald has been asked a permission to link to a fine article ... awaiting an answer now ... 2022 07 07 ...

limited license

the license to whatever copy of these pages are limited ... because it's personal ... it belongs to the Dells ... the content of these two pages were made with the express permission of the Dell family ... if someone does copy / use the content on a website or any printed volume then it is an infringement of the rights / interests of the family Dell ...


Omissions / Contributions

" Of course this page contains omissions and inaccuracies, and I apologize for that. If you find any omissions or pertinent errors, you can reach me directly at my E-mail address which is and I will provide you with a workable answer. This also applies to other contributions from you referring to Mr Dell." PD